Corporate Sponsors

Our corporate sponsorship assists in funding PGI activities including field trips, educational seminars, participation in events such as GeoFest, PGI meetings and representation of the profession in legislative concerns. Thank you to all our sponsors!

Mundell & Associates, Inc.

Contact John Mundell

(317) 630-9060 

Wilcox Environmental Engineering, Inc.

Contact Jeremy Kinman

(317) 472-0999

Earth Exploration Inc., a Terracon Company

Contact Stephen Brellenthin

(317) 273-1690

Lynn Douglas, Inc.

Contact Ray Milejczak

(317) 810-1273

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Contact Jeremiah Armitage

(317) 876-8375

AP Engineering & Consulting

Contact Rob George

Creek Run LLC Environmental Engineering

Contact Lisa Hendershot

(765) 728-8051