Links to Educational Organizations and Resources

A wide variety of useful material is available on the Web; so much so that a complete, up-to-date, and “perfectly” organized page of links is probably beyond expectation. It has been suggested that the links be separated into groups based on whether they link to organizations or to resources; however, so many of the organizations provide extensive resources of various kinds that such a grouping would be difficult. Actually, that “perfect” page would probably involve lots of well-organized, interrelated web pages that would take considerable work to create and maintain. Clearly, this is task worthy of our Earth Science Education Committee to consider, and anyone else willing to help.

Indiana Links

Indiana Department of Education, Academic Standards and Resources

The Academic Standards and Resources page contains a number of detailed lesson plans on a variety of earth sience topics.

IGS Indiana Geology

The Indiana Geological Survery. Detailed information regarding Indiana Geology and lesson plans for rock identification and study of tides.

Indiana Earth Science Teachers Association

Site contains contact information, events, links to lessons and to outside organizations which offer resources for educators. Current President is Tina Harris

Hoosier Associations of Science Teachers (HASTI)

One of the best state chapters of the National Science Teachers Association.

Indiana Division of Water

Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water includes a page for kids.

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Teacher resources for study of dinosaurs.

Indiana State Museum

Overview of Indiana geology and lesson plans on Indiana fossils for grades 3-8.

Professor Larry Braile – Purdue University

Vast collection of Earth Science education activities and links—many related to plate tectonics and seismology.

Outside Indiana Links

National Earth Science Teachers Association
A nonprofit educational organization whose purpose is the advancement of Earth Science education.

The National Science Foundation provides this link to a brochure for basic earth science education.

National Science Teachers Association

Largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all. Many links and resources.

American Geological Institute

Curriculum materials for teachers. The AGI news magazine “Geotimes” has been renamed “Earth Magazine” listed below.

Geological Society of America

Loads of geology and lesson plans, projects, and teacher resources.
Also see the new GSA news site listed below.

U. S. Geological Survey

Detailed information regarding U.S. geology and multiple lesson plans, projects and teacher resources. Also provides up to the hour details of recent Natural Hazard activity including Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Flooding of individual streams and rivers.

Society of Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)

K-12 Earth Science resources.

Illinois Geological Survey

Detailed information regarding Illinois geology and multiple Earth Science education links.

Kentucky Earth Science Network

Detailed information regarding Kentucky Geology, classroom activities and multiple Earth Science links.

Texas Earth Science Teachers Association

Texas organization of science educators, science supervisors, curriculum directors and others. Earth Science education links.

Virginia Association of Science Teachers

Multiple links to teacher resources.

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators: Earth Science

Part of the Discovery Channel Network. Multiple links to Earth Science education sites.

NASA Global Observatory

Good links for information and experiments related to global geospatial information. is another excellent NASA site which features earth/space news and “The Earth Observer” published at the Goddard Space Flight Center. This publication is available in pdf and also as a bi-monthly hard copy. appropriate for educational purposes.

Project Wet

A water resources education site of the Natural Resources Education Center of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Recently Added Global and National News Sources

1. U.S. Climate Change Science Program. An excellent overall summary of potential climate change impacts was released by the federal government during the Summer of 2009. “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States” produced by the U,S, Climate Change Science Program.; It combines authorship of 13 federal agencies with leading scientists from universities and other agencies. The overall report is about 190 PDF pages (13MB) but if you go to the site listed below, you can download separate files which are the Executive Summary, the Key Findings, the Global Science (pages 13-26), or sections on impacts in each region of the country. For example it shows the climate in Indiana being like that of Louisiana by the end of the century. There are also extensive reference lists. To view and download the report or portions of it go to (control-click or insert address):

2. Source for Science of Climate Change Another well regarded Climate Science site is It has articles which discuss and clarify the scientific data related to the climate change skeptic arguments. It also has a very good list of basic articles on the climate change issues

3. Global Environment News. For an excellent Global Environment site to go This site has forums and a free weekly newsletter to which you can subscribe.

4. Earth Magazine Subscription, If you are readt ti pay for a monthly earth science magazine, try Earth Magazine ( which is produced by the American Geological Institute ( . The subscription is $34.50 per year or $19.95 for students. The AGI site is also a great place for news and information.

5. Online News from GSA The Geological Society of America ( has started a news site which will send a number of newsletters per year to various catagories ( Several news categories are available to non members.