2021 Legislative Review

Senate Bill 227: Enforcement of pesticide violations – Authored by Sen. Jean Leising, Sen. Susan Glick, Sen. Timothy Lanane. Co-Authored by Sen. Lonnie Randolph.

Provides a list of violations for which the state chemist may impose a civil penalty.

Senate Bill 271: Environmental matters – Authored by Sen. Mark Messmer, Sen. Rick Niemeyer. Co-Authored by Sen. Lonnie Randolph. Sponsored by Rep. Mike Aylesworth, Rep. Doug Gutwein.

Provides that a property owner claiming the industrial waste control facility property tax exemption

Senate Bill 373: Carbon credit programs – Authored by Sen. Susan Glick, Sen. Rick Niemeyer, Sen. J.D. Ford. Co-Authored by Sen. Eric Bassler, Sen. Shelli Yoder, Sen. Chip Perfect, Sen. Timothy Lanane, Sen. James Tomes, Sen. Blake Doriot, Sen. Fady Qaddoura, Sen. Jon Ford, Sen. Karen Tallian, Sen. Lonnie Randolph.

Carbon credit market, carbon sequestration, and federal mandates.

Senate Bill 389: Repeals state regulated wetlands law – Authored by Sen. Chris Garten, Sen. Mark Messmer, Sen. Linda Rogers. Co-Authored by Sen. Scott Baldwin, Sen. Andy Zay, Sen. Jack Sandlin, Sen. Blake Doriot, Sen. Mike Gaskill, Sen. Rick Niemeyer, Sen. Liz Brown, Sen. Aaron Freeman, Sen. Eric Koch, Sen. Erin Houchin, Sen. Justin Busch, Sen. John Crane, Sen. James Buck, Sen. Chip Perfect, Sen. Philip Boots, Sen. Travis Holdman, Sen. Dennis Kruse, Sen. James Tomes, Sen. Jean Leising. Sponsored by Rep. Matt Lehman, Rep. Doug Gutwein, Rep. Jeffrey Thompson, Rep. Alan Morrison. 

Amends the law requiring a permit and compensatory mitigation for “wetland activity” (the discharge of dredged or fill material) in a state regulated wetland