PGI Constitution and Bylaws (PDF)

PGI is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, all of whom are full PGI members. At least eight of the nine members on the Board must be Indiana Licensed Professional Geologists. The Board of Directors manage the business of PGI, formulate bylaws and policies, raise funds, and perform all other necessary functions. The Board officers (president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) are elected annually by the Board. Directors serve two-year terms, staggered with five terms alternating with four terms. Below are the current Board of Directors for 2016.

In 2016, the PGI board distributed proposed statute revisions to the IC 25-17.6 regarding Professional Geologists.

Proposed Statue Revisions (HB-1362)


Chris Parks, Treasurer, Committee Chair: Awards/Annual Meeting


Active Environmental Services

Creek Run, LLC Environmental Engineering

Contact Info
6801 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite C301
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Andy Wallace, Vice President, Committee Chair: Membership

Environmental Resources Management
8425 Woodfield Crossing Blvd
Suite 560-W
Indianapolis, IN 46240

EnviroSolutions, Inc.

Office of Land Quality, Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)

Scott Johanson, Committee Chair: Earth Science Education
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Office of Land Quality, Geological Services Section

Stephen Brellenthin, Committee Chair: Website/Publications
December 2016 Featured Board Member Profile

Earth Exploration, Inc.
7700 West New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46214