What Are the Benefits of Continuing Education for LPGs in Indiana?

Optimize skills for individual improvement
• Leverage passion for learning to gain more technical skills in the field of geology.
• Be a benefit to employers/clients by ensuring that a highly skilled and informed scientist is at their service.

Retraining and competency
• Keep existing competencies sharp and fresh.
• Verify that your current work is consistent with industry standards.
• Demonstrate to others that you are currently qualified to provide geoscience related services.

Access, support, and networking
• By participating in continuing education, one has access to multiple sources of information relevant to the geological profession.
• People who provide continuing education and receive continuing education serve as a support network for providing the best service as a geologist.
• This network can also offer further opportunities for collaboration, employment, and service.
• A lively, functioning network of geologists will strengthen the identity of the profession as a whole within the State of Indiana.

Validate Professional Qualifications
• Continuing education requirements for licensure demonstrate a consistent standard of excellence that must be met by a licensed professional.
• Build trust and respect from other professionals, regulators, and other stakeholders.

What Are other Professional Organizations in Indiana doing?

• Number of hours: 30 hours per biennium.
• What’s eligible: College courses; teaching; presenting; educational outreach for K-12; professional organization participation; authoring published papers; peer review in professional journals.
• How verified: Some CE is pre-approved; others must petition the Board for approval.

• Number of hours: 24 hours per biennium.
• What’s eligible: 12 mandatory topics & 14 elective topics; teaching credits; student credits.
• How verified: Licensees document CE in a tracking log and provide during license renewal.