Mount St. Helens Revisited: A USGS Lecture


Mount St. Helens Revisited: Lives Changed, Lessons Learned, and Legacies of the 1980 Eruptions By Carolyn Driedger, USGS Hydrologist & Outreach Specialist Mount St. Helens' eruptions had a disproportionately large influence on our understanding of volcanoes, hazards, and eruption response. Unique circumstances, both locally and abroad, molded the responses to Mount St. Helens' awakening. The […]

Mercury Sampling and Analysis


This is the third Webinar in a series on Metals Analysis. We will discuss sampling and analysis for mercury. Techniques for clean sample collection and sample preparation will be covered. Beginning with cold vapor atomic absorption analysis, we will also cover more advanced technology such as atomic fluorescence and inductively coupled plasma with mass spectral […]

Conceptual Site Models: Enhancing Multi-Generational Site Models to Guarantee Success

Otterbein University 60 Collegeview Road, Westerville

As the groundwater remediation industry matures and young professionals succeed retiring accomplished professionals, both in industry and in the agencies, the need for effective Conceptual Site Models is greater than ever. Effective CSMs require a multidisciplinary approach. CSMs are “living” documents and should remain as a frequent reference throughout the remediation process—not relegated to a […]

2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit


The 2021 NGWA Groundwater Summit will take place virtually but will feature a variety of formats in which you can increase your groundwater knowledge and engage with other professionals who share your interests. Conference and poster sessions will intrigue with the results of research and implementation on various projects. Workshops and extended learning sessions will […]